Ningbo EGO International Co.,LTD was established in July 2012, the company is mainly engaged in LED lighting, Gardening & Outdoor Furniture, Camping & Leisure as well as Sundries and Pet Products. Now the company has an experienced operational team with 100 employees serving retailers worldwide.

The company has more than 2000 square meters of office space and over 5000 square meters of showroom highlighting our many product categories and ranges.

The company is also the procurement agent for some North American & European supermarkets. Ningbo Ego prides itself on maintaining good business relationships with many retailers, supermarkets and online businesses and importers.

EGO is renound for the ability to innovate and develop new products, staying ahead of the trends and constantly updating ranges season by season. EGO's product development team have a wealth of experience and continue to innovate, taking the products from the design stage, all the way to the end of manufacturing, this together with our QA and our QC team ensure our clients receive the newest and best quality products all the time.